xDR processing

  • data processing from signaling or mediation devices to Hadoop ecosystem usage
  • configurable conversion of data inputs (e.g. ASN.1)
  • distributed processing = linear scalability (more than million messages peer second)
  • output format file (AVRO, Parquet, ORC) or  stream (to Hbase)

Typical Use Cases (area - examples):

a) up-sell / cros-sell – any UC based on behavioral analysis (community analysis, churn prediction, usage habits analysis, segmentations, ...)
b) up-sell / usage increasing - event base marketing
c) churn prevention – based on technical issue detection and behavioral analysis
d) security – data based security like anomaly detection, fraud detection
e) QoS – better information providing for support staffs – all client’s / device activities are accessible imediatelly; peak prediction; value based network development
f) Over-the-top analysis - Skype, Mesaanger, Viber, WhatsApp usage analysis